Monday, January 25, 2016

Food: After The Storm Leftovers

So, the storm is  now over  There are streets to be cleared, cars that need dug out and if you weren't so so lucky maybe some home repairs to be made.  But, let's face it, the biggest question is, "What will I do with all the bread, eggs and milk I bought?" Why not take the time to try something new.  Here are some ideas that are definitely worth a try.  I'm not going to give you recipes, as there are ample recipes out there for each of the things below. Also, there is great variety and you, in search, can choose the recipe that matches your favorite flavors.

Popovers are a a very simple type of bread that uses eggs, flour, and milk.  The batter as it cooks literally puffs up and when you crack it open it is hollow inside.  You can pour in butter and honey and you surely find yourself in heaven.  These are best eaten warm right out of the oven. There are special baking pans - however when I first laid eyes on these wonderful creatures they were made in individual Pyrex dishes.  You can also use oven safe ramekins. Also if you have little ones and your oven door has a window, watching them bake can be a lot of fun.

The frittata is a one skillet Italian egg dish that is multi-seasonal.  This dish starts on top of the stove and then finishes in the oven.  There is a lot of room for improvisation here. You can make them meaty or vegetarian.  This is excellent for a quick evening meal.  As you peruse recipes, you will find that you could even use items straight from your pantry.

Spanish Torttilla
The spanish tortilla is very similar to the frittata.  However, there are three absolute essentials to a true spanish tortilla - eggs, potatoes, and onions. The best thing about this dish is that it is good hot and cold.  

French Toast Casserole
French toast casserole dishes, unlike french toast, can be made the night ahead.  There are a variety of recipes found online.  Those recipes run the gamut from your standard cinnamon variety to fruited types.

Breakfast Strata
Breakfast Strata has been the cornerstone of our Christmas morning meal for over 20 years.  We love this dish so much my mother made it for my baby shower back in 2006.  Now just because breakfast is in the title, doesn't mean you have to eat it solely in the morning.  Our families rendition includes eggs, bread, cheese and bulk breakfast sausage. However, every recipe has a new twist and if you search I am certain you will find one to your liking.

Bread Pudding
Bread Pudding is at its best when the bread has been allowed to dry.  This is an incredible dessert in the Winter.  It warms you from the inside out.  While vacationing in Cancun, I had one with a bourbon sauce that was out of this world. Our local pizzeria has a blessed grandmother who makes a chocolate chip version that my daughter craves frequently.

Don't be afraid to be creative with these very basic ingredients.  There is so much room to be creative and see the versatility.  

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