Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Few Lessons For My Daughters

The idea of raising daughters always freaked me out.  There is so much to teach them.  Today, as justice final came knocking on Ray Rices door - all I could think of was Janay Rice-Palmer.  She is someones daughter. And like any  mother - I would hate for my daughter to find herself in this position.   Sadly, none of us even knows what will happen to her next.  But, here is what I hope to teach my daughters.

1.   Respect yourself.
2.   Never let a man hit you.
3.   Always be able to take care of yourself.
4.   Don't make excuses for a man.
5.   Don't remain in an abusive relationship.
6.   Don't become anyone's scapegoat.
7.   Always tell the truth.
8.   Always be your best advocate.
9.   Respect in a relationship is mutual.  It is to flow equally and in both directions.
10. If you love your child, are in an abusive situation, the best thing you can do is to leave.
11. Stand up for yourself regardless of the cost
12. Our children learn from what we do. Act as they should act.
13. If there are red flags in your when you date, don't expect them to improve after married.
14. Don't ever be afraid to admit that you made a mistake.
15. Don't  allow your spouses bad behavior lead to your bad behavior.
16. If the person you need protected from is sharing your bed, you need to leave.
17. Love yourself.
18. If you can't be brave for yourself, be brave for your child.
19. Understand and embrace your worth.
20. Justice does come.

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