Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hope and Perspective

Please note:  This was drafted earlier this Summer.

It's easy to look out my window and smile.  The weather has warmed, my daughters are nearly done with school for the season, and a fun filled Summer awaits.  Yes indeed economically times are tough.   Gas prices are expected to climb through the Summer and groceries still cost more than they should.


I can look out my windows at my daughters blowing bubbles.
          Instead of looking at an empty yard where my daughter and her classmates once played.

I smell the fragrance of charcoal through my windows that reminds me of BBQs to come
          Instead of the smell of fire and humanity from my new home on an abandoned air strip.

Through my window the gift of a sunset, filling the sky with flecks of reds, pinks and oranges.
          Instead of the dank view of a windowless warehouse wall in a new country where the
          passage of time is not observed.

In a few weeks the sound of illegal fireworks will pleasantly startle and yet remind of us of my families freedom as we celebrate July 4.
          Instead of living in fear of the rockets heard overhead  will they destroy my home, the school,
          our synagogue?

We all have struggles, indeed we do.  We are all in need of hope and a focused perspective.  Desmond Tutu explained it this way, "Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness."  May we always see the light right in front of us. May we also recognize that when our light flickers dimly, it is still brighter than the darkness that envelopes others.  And may we keep pressing on and  never to be forced back when hope is in reach. 

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