Monday, August 18, 2014

Windows, Why Windows

Windows are everywhere. Through windows my eyes have seen some of the most spectacular things.  Losing my breath as I stared out my hotel window at the high towering mountains in Innsbruck Austria.  Melting into a childish wonder when I first laid my eyes on the holiday window displays at Lord and Taylor. Or always being drawn into the caramel popcorn filled windows at Dolle's on the boardwalk.

Walking past windows in my neighborhood there are windows full of intriguing books to be read, gorgeous gowns to be worn, and enticing cakes to be gobbled down.  Standing near certain windows can awaken my nose and make my tummy growl in hunger with the fragrances of garlic, curry or bacon.  And at times I hear things too...the voice of a frustrated mom (who doesn't realize I hear her), the pulsating rhythms of meringue music, or the chorus of men praying at the local synagogue.

Windows are revealing. They show us what lies inside whether it is our intent or not.  Some windows are intentionally fashioned to project an image - lure you inside.  Whereas there are times that through windows we are laid bare.  The argument overheard through an open window late at night. The argument that seems to just get louder and louder and longer and longer.

We walk by windows every day.  They become a part of the mundane.  We stop looking in.  We pay them no mind.  Yet for me.... maybe it is the child inside.... I love windows.  The Mark Twain window of the warm pie cooling on the ledge and the tempted young boy who just wants to devour it. The picture of home as described by Lonestar in their song "My Front Porch Looking In." The stained glass windows in churches and cathedrals that remind us of long held religious truths. I adore windows.

Windows make me look up.  Windows cause me to look in and deeper. Windows help me to look out and beyond.  We all need an adjustment in perspective from time to time.  We all need a different view.  A move from the confines of a cubicle toward a look at the ocean as it spills into the horizon.  A break from the computer monitors glow to grab a glance at the super moon outside.  I continue to learn from windows.  Not all windows are the same. And thank God for that. So much to discover and to reflect on. And as I learn from the windows I pass by, I look forward to letting you take a peak inside.

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