Monday, August 18, 2014

Looking In My Window

The hardest thing in starting this blog was the perspective I would take.   The harder I tried to nail that down the more I boxed myself in.  First it was, do a mommy blog.You have twin are a "stay at home" ...maybe cater to that audience.  But, you love to cook, eat, talk, and write about food....maybe Foodie Mommie???? We can all agree that idea is pretty lame and lacks one ounce of originality.

 Plus, I am also passionate about politics and spirituality.  Then there is the ill fitting corresponding stereotypes.  I am a Christian stay at home mama, who doesn't homeschool  (God bless those of you who do) and a feminist who has chose for a season to be home.  Since 1989 I have been a member of the Democratic party but I root for the Republicans because I get very excited about all things bipartisan. And yep, you guessed it, I vote both ways.

Like every woman before me, after me, and around me...I wear many, wife, sister, aunt, and daughter. And as I grow up, I have grown wiser.  In my twenties I thought I was an expert.  In my thirties I quickly (finally) realized that I had a lot to learn.  Now in my forties I am wise enough to know there is a lot to learn and miles to go before I get there.  Sharing what I have learned is humbling, because it requires that I admit to my mistakes.  And I have sure made my fair share.

As you have now had a glance into my particular window, understand I am here only to be a voice to the unique perspective that is mine.  I have never worked at being unique and set apart.  In fact, I have spent a good deal of my my life trying to fit in and comply.  But, the older I get I have to listen to that voice in my head - my faith, my conscience, my truth.  I was once told that as I got older the heart would take second place to my mind.  I admire Winston Churchill, but I don't agree with the  - "Show me a young Conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart."  I have actually found that my heart and brain grow closer together each day.

Some of you may like my food stories and recipes.  Some of you may find my perspectives on politics and faith audacious and interesting.  Whatever your reason is for peaking into my window, I look forward to keeping the drapes pulled back and opening myself up to learn from you.  Iron sharpens iron.  So, please sharpen away.

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